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In short, "Thermatlon" is the result of a passion. It is the adventure of the Thermatlon family's love for nature and extreme sports, to offer products for the medical and outdoor sectors that are resistant to nature and climate conditions over time.

In other words, it is the story of a nature enthusiast who has felt the need for use in all areas of life, being thrown into a production activity chain that will prevent the lack of quality and service in this sector.

Thermatlon; It is the result of a team success concentrated on combining the best and quality product range with the best service. For this reason, our products for Thermo Cooling bags and boxes, developed based on R&D studies in a range from medical use to uses within the scope of nature activities, are the reflection of the latest technology in this field.

As the Thermatlon family, we are proud to be able to serve many regions of the world. As the Thermatlon family, our indispensable service principles are the assurance of our quality.

Aiming to expand its product range by growing with each passing time, Thermatlon adheres to the ethical values ​​system. We understand from honesty, which is one of the most respected of these values: “We are honest, forthright and ethical in all our dealings with our customers, suppliers and each other. We strive to build mutual trust and follow the rules that guide our business, not only because we have an obligation, but also to do the right thing."

Our principles and common values ​​within Thermatlon, which aims to be the world leader in its sector, are as follows;




As employees, we are honest, frank and ethical in all our work.



As employees, we are constantly looking for solutions that provide quality service to our customers and save our workplace. We are open to all kinds of innovative ideas. We learn lessons for ourselves from both our failures and successes.



As employees, we take responsibility for the end result of what we do, and we recognize that our performance has a direct impact on the success of our colleagues, customers and our business.



As employees, we motivate and encourage each other and support meaningful collaboration among colleagues from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. We respect individual differences, value diversity and share our knowledge with the entire company.


Respect for the Individual.

As employees, we believe in the dignity, worth and potential of all people and that Work-life balance is essential. We treat all our employees fairly and consistently.



We feel connected to our Earth and our community, demonstrating our commitment and dedication to our customers and to each other. We provide our colleagues with our best advice and support. We solve problems with openness and sincerity.