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Thermatlon XL Camp Caravan Cooler 35 LT - Khaki

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Thermatlon Camp Caravan Cooler Bag enables you to carry all kinds of food for long periods of time without losing its temperature by keeping the hot items hot and the cold items cold.

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Brand Thermatlon
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Product Description



Thermatlon Camp CaravanCooler Bag enables you to carry all kinds of food for long periods of time without losing its temperature by keeping the hot items hot and the cold items cold.


This Camp Caravan Cooler is ideal to carry cold beverages, fruit juices, milk and dairy products, red and white meats, or hot drinks. And cooked hot meals can also be transported. The cooler is the biggest helper for those who like camping, long travelers, vacationers, or those who want to spend time with nature for a day. Carry the meats and drinks to be grilled in a bag and consume them comfortably without losing their temperature and without spoiling! If you are sensitive about color matching, you can choose a bag that will match the color of your car, tent or even barbeque.


 Technical Specifications of Airtight Thermatlon Camp Caravan Cooler Bag 


✅There is a layer of hard polyEVA material laminated with synthetic fabric on its outer surface. This layer prevents any water or air infiltration from outside to inside.


✅ Thanks to the polyurethane foam structure that forms the inner layer, you can carry cold and hot transport for hours long without loss of heat. This layer forms the main skeleton of the bag; Its biggest feature is that it is much lighter than its plastic counterparts. This hard and non-deforming layer offers maximum thermal insulation and its structure in the lightest form.


✅ Thanks to its airtight zipper, it protects the cold or hot air in the bag from the negative effects of the outside atmosphere and preserves it unless it is opened and closed frequently. A heat loss of 0.2 °C per hour, in other words, only 2 °C heat loss occurs in 10 hours.


✅ Thanks to the tightly woven synthetic polyester fabric used on its outer surface, it stands out from its counterparts with the appearance of a tool bag and provides a stylish appearance.


✅It provides an easy-to-carry use with its shoulder strap and hand handles.



Daily Use Features for Thermatlon Camp Caravan Cooler Models


The Thermatlon Camp Caravan Cooler Bag is designed for you to consume your drinks at the ideal temperature during your pleasant times.


You can carry food and drink according to your needs for camps and excursions with family, friends or on your own.


How to Use Thermatlon Camp Caravan Cooler Bag?


If you wish, you can put ice packs in the bag, or you can carry the drinks and foods you have cooled in the refrigerator by placing them properly without placing ice packs.


The Thermatlon special carrying bag for picnickers, campers, those who make long journeys with their car or caravan, which is produced for safe hot and cold transport, gets this reliability from the solid materials used in its production.


Buy Thermatlon Camp Caravan Cooler! Enjoy yourself with cool drinks by the campfire and enjoy your weekend with hot meals. Have your food and drinks always at the temperature you want!