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Thermatlon moto courier foodservice bag helps to deliver the orders on time and in ideal taste. With its structure, it is 100% odor-proof, air- and water-proof.

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Barcode 667228959789
Brand Thermatlon
Renk Kırmızı
Product Description



Thermatlon Fast Food Delivery Bag helps to deliver the orders on time and in ideal taste. With its superior durability, it is unshakable, 100% impermeable, air and water proof.

Thermatlon Fast Food Delivery Bag is designed for you to carry comfortably through the motorcycle. You can safely use courier carrier bags for hot food deliveries.

Thanks to its waterproof and airtight durability, there is no leakage or spillage in the trunk of the vehicle during transportation. Thanks to this product of Thermatlon, you can easily provide the hot and delicious food service expected in address delivery food service.


Thermatlon Fast Food Deliveryu Bag Technical Specifications

✅External dimensions 35x41x54cm, internal dimensions 24x28x43cm.

✅ Thanks to the polyurethane foam structure that forms the inner layer, you can carry cold and hot for 12 hours without loss of temperature. This layer forms the main skeleton of the bag; Its biggest feature is that it is much lighter than its plastic counterparts. This hard and non-deforming layer offers maximum thermal insulation and its structure in the lightest form.

✅ Thanks to its airtight zipper, it protects the hot air in the bag from the negative effects of the outside atmosphere and preserves it unless it is opened and closed frequently. A heat loss of 0.2 °C per hour, in other words, only 2 °C temperature loss occurs in 10 hours.

✅It provides an easy-to-carry use with its shoulder strap and hand handles.