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Thermatlon Insulin Cooler bag helps you to carry your needles easily on trips without breaking down due to heat exchange.

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Product Description


With Thermatlon Insulin Cooler Bag, Your Medicines Are Always Safe!

Thermatlon Insulin Cooler bag helps you to carry your injectors easily on trips without breaking down due to heat exchange.

Insulins are drugs that should be kept in the refrigerator when not in use. Insulin injections, which are vital for diabetics, should also maintain their temperature in the refrigerator during the journey.

Insulins that you may try to carry through ice packs may lose their ideal temperature as a result of defrosting. Here, you can choose to use the Thermatlon insulin bag to both keep the ideal temperature and ensure that your insulin injectors can be transported without any damage. Thanks to this carrying bag, you will not only be able to carry your injectors safely but also see that they stay cold along the way.


How Should Insulin Be Carried With Thermatlon Carrying Bag?

In the Thermatlon insulin cooler bag, you can use an ice pack that helps to preserve temperature during transportation so that the drugs do not deteriorate. Thermatlon cooler carrying case, which is 11x15x27cm in size, which will provide you with sufficient carrying comfort for the journey, can carry 4 insulins. If you are going to transport without using ice, the ideal temperature preservation time of the bag will be limited to 24 hours. If you carry it with an ice pack, it will take up to 48 hours. Especially on long trips, you should carry insulins that you cannot put in the refrigerator immediately, together with an ice pack. You should make sure that you fix the cooler bag stable during transport so that it does not get damaged or swayed inside the vehicle.


Where Does Thermatlon Insulin Carrying Bag Get Its Cooler Feature?

The main structure for Performance insulin cooler packs used on the inner surface of the bag consists of patented hard foam insulating material. The small bag on the inner surface is made of high-tech composite polymer material in terms of insulation. It keeps the temperature thanks to its airtight feature. And also it is waterproof, shock and tear resistant. Thermatlon insulin cooler bag has extra strong seams. In addition to its robust zipper structure, it does not allow any material to pass from the outside. In order to avoid temperature loss, not only the fabric structure of the bag but also the zipper structure has water and airtightness.


How to Use Thermatlon Insulin Cooler Bag?

You can open the bag by holding the zipper head and pulling it from one end to the other. In order to avoid temperature loss, you should replace the medicine with the ice cartridge a short time after using it. Then you can prevent temperature loss by closing the zipper completely.


What Can You Carry With Thermatlon Cooler Bag?

You can use the ice pack to help you carry it for a long time in the cooler bag. You do not need to keep the cooler bag in the freezer before transporting it. Diabetes medications, insulin pen, glucometer stick, diabetes medications, and tools can be in the same bag. Thanks to the large insulin injector cover, you can place your injectors neatly. In the bag, not only insulin injectors and their supplies but also syringes and medicines that need to be kept cold can be carried. Apart from your glucometer kit, you can also put asthma medications in the bag. There are sturdy elastic straps inside the bag for comfortable carrying. Thermatlon insulin carrying case is there to keep medications and syringes fixed and at the right temperature. By ordering now, you can buy the insulin cooler bag you need in a short time.